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Bryan Ryley, catalogue statement

Kelowna Art Gallery , September 8, 2008

Boundaries, which I prefer to call edges, constitute the area of energy where change occurs. Along the peripheral edge stasis gives way to change and new conceptual frameworks come into play.  

As borders are crossed new information must be melded into context with previous states of understanding and this place of activity, this edge, becomes the ongoing transformative catalyst for the energy required to advance our perceptions of form, time and space.

In the most recent paintings I am searching for a language wherein perceptual change is activated through a constant flux of elements from one edge of the painting to the other, where momentary points of understanding are pressured by a constant onslaught of shifting movement and ‘glimpsed’ realities. It is my hope that this depicted energy of change bears some semblance to our contemporary world and that by reading and feeling this work from an ‘open’ position one may gain insights which will help make constructive sense of that which surrounds us.

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