Mirada y Memoria

Appropriated historic images of Augustin Victor Casasola (1874-1938) taken in Mexico City - used to express conditions of 'self' we face in light of the group structures imposed upon us.

Bandages from Britain

Dharma Suite


4 Corners

Constructions of layered information triggered by thoughts of Christianity's influence on world cultures

Sum of Destructions

A meditation on war constructed on a preliminary drawing of Picasso's for Guernica.

A Child of God

Heaven & Earth

Utilizing oil/water resist techniques this body of work explores the ontology of existence from birth (Vessel) through struggle (The Unconsoled) and contains a cycle of the four seasons.


Early works on paper that examined 'interior weather' through the form of imagined welded steel structures, 'weathervains', in an imaginary environment situated on the east coast of America. Dedicated to the New York School.